February 27, 2018

I'm not a religious guy but one thing I know in my heart is that we were all put here for a reason. We are one big family under one big blue roof that is the sky. No matter where you're from, the color of your skin, what you believe in...we are all children of this amazing planet that now needs our help. And it all starts with love. Love for your fellow man and woman. Love for your kids and their future and love for the planet that gives you life. Put your human differences aside and realize how short this life really is...and if we want our children to prosper from this life experience, we need to all come together as one race and live together in harmony. We can turn history around and not let "history" dictate where our future lies. What would happen if everyone treated everyone just the way they'd like to be treated? My guess is we'd all get along very well.

With all the beauty in this world we could be "The Planet of Love". We are not born with hate in our hearts. It's just taught. We can reverse those teachings if we just learn to accept our differences and always come with love for humanity in our hearts.

With technology running wild we need a healthier balance for the survival of not only our species but the planet itself. We need to get back to the basics. Teach our kids music, art, sports and anything creative. The future is coming very fast and depends on it. We have to prepare our kids for a time in 30 years when robots will be replacing many humans in the workplace. Are we prepared for that reality with the population growing at this rate? Will there be enough jobs, shelter, food and clean water? That depends on us. How we treat each other and this place called earth. We are working with limited natural resources here on earth. Don't let that be forgotten. It's the creative and forward thinkers that will never be replaced by robots and that can help steer this place in a better direction that we seem to be headed in.

We were all brought into our bodies for a significant purpose. Or else why would you be here? I don't believe in accidents. They're just part of the journey. This life is a lesson for the soul. Some lessons are harder than others but that would only make your soul wiser and stronger in the long run. We are here because we are supposed to be here. I truly believe that our world is getting a big wake up call.

We've all been gifted this amazing life but it comes with a responsibility. To reach your true human potential. Not by lying, stealing, or cheating. It comes with developing your brain through creativity, communication and a skill set. Don't let hate and technology run away with this planet.

Human Brother


September 08, 2016

I'm a big fan and daily user of modern technology, but collectively I believe we need more balance between tech and the soul of mankind. Kids today are losing touch with some key humanistic elements that are crucial for their development, well being and future. We need to move forward but side by side with technology and not just swallow and follow it.

At this rate, we’re just years away from living in a world of button pushers. Just like robots. Will the robots have a soul? I'd like to see one play guitar like Jimi Hendrix or make a painting like Salvador Dali. Asides from becoming a parent, learning to create art and play instruments is my life’s greatest blessing. There's no better way to connect to your true self other than learning to express it creatively. In doing so, I am one with myself and the universe. The ultimate creation!

It seems that attention spans are shrinking and patience is becoming a dwindling virtue. We all need a little dose of everything and we need it to be quick. It's as if the world has become like a big virtual pinball machine and we're the balls bouncing off the walls.

As cliche as it sounds, we all need to stop...look at the trees and smell the flowers...and be thankful you’re not a computer, but that you are flesh and blood. You have an amazing brain to help you achieve anything this world has to offer. Like our bellies need food, so do our souls and brains.

Art and Music education is imperative for children. It helps shape their young minds in ways that can never be replicated by anything else. Especially not by a computer, video game or IPhone application. It takes discipline and some patience that a lot of kids as well as adults are lacking today.

As a parent of two little ones in 2016, I accept full responsibility in helping them to find that sweet spot in the world we now live in. Creative expression is the greatest way to maximize your true potential as a human being.

If everyone took 30 minutes out of their day to create something, play an instrument or write a poem...I'm confident the world would be in much better shape than it is today. So put down that phone and get to creating. Our future depends on it!


February 04, 2016

It's been a long while since I've written anything here. So much has happened in my life recently. I became a first time father to a baby boy named Julien. Who just turned 2. I lost my dad Jack in June to Brain Cancer. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him and where he might be...praying he is reunited with my mom and his soul mate Carole. I love you both with every ounce of my being and soul. Even though I feel your presence so strong now that you've departed to that magical place...I hope that one day when I'm good and ready to leave this place, I join you both and we continue our continuous journey through the universe. On a much lighter note...

I just bought and completely remodeled my dream home and moved the family to the valley! That's right...I became a Val. Better schools for my two kids and the more laid back lifestyle is where it's at. I'm excited about my new studio and live room that I'm currently designing. I will finally be tracking drums in the most state of the art room I could possibly imagine tracking in, let alone owning the room. Wow. I feel so blessed and want you all to know that...but also, when thinking of me...know that I'm trying every day to reach my true potential as a man, father, musician and artist. I have the wheels in motion right now to take my art to the next level. The word "Events" is coming to mind. Stay tuned for all that. All I really want to do is raise awareness and give back to the world in my form of art and music. A day without expressing yourself creatively can only be a day of mediocrity. Always be true to yourself.

Human Brother


August 28, 2014
I finally received the first shipment of my new Human Brother record "Back To Music". It was truly a labor of love. At my home studio in the Hills of Hollywood, I spent almost 5,000 hours writing, performing all instrumentation, recording and mixing this record. I really feel there are songs for everyone who simply likes good and original music. Please feel free to share this music with your friends. I believe I have a little gem here and it just needs to be heard by the music hungry people of the world.